Minimalist cover concept for the upcoming RMIT Diploma of Graphic Design crowdfunding project. Poster used for the Kickstarter front cover, but may be subject to change.
These posters were made as alternative ideas for the publication's front cover. They also served as advertising for the project as they were displayed in public. Above is my favourite submission, and below are supplementary submissions.
WHO MADE THIS? These layouts are part of my contribution to the RMIT Diploma of Graphic Design Kickstarter project, 'Slash'. The content of 'Slash' focuses on juxtaposition, so I have responded to this theme by exploring what happens if a designer doesn't take ownership of their work. 
I recorded what people said about my poster designs. No one knew the posters belonged to me at the time, so the responses were organic and honest.
My second set of spreads created for Slash. It explores the poetry of Megan Day with collages exploring gendered traditions/stereotypes, created by myself.
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